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The result for 4 months of development of the site is excellent. The site was developed daily, even on weekends. It was necessary to comply with the requirements of the Google Guidelines.


The site changed and improved constantly. Responses to design at the highest level. Not a single negative response. Ask any user for an opinion about the site and he will give a positive response.


A mobile version of the site was created. According to Google, the site deserves a rating of 99/100. You can see this yourself — https://testmysite.thinkwithgoogle.com.


Because the site is new, but all the same I was able to achieve high site traffic. One of the sources of traffic was the media partnership with major international and regional conferences.

Media Partnership

The site has become a partner of many important international conferences. I am proud of the partnership with such conferences as:

  • Digital Olympus (United States);
  • CPA Life (Moscow, Russia);
  • Innotech (Kyiv, Ukraine);
  • Outsourcing Forum (Kyiv, Ukraine).
  • Guru Conf (Kyiv, Ukraine);
  • SEO Day (International);
  • Unexpected Conference;
  • SEO Club;
  • Analyze! (International);
  • Go Analytics;
  • Project Manager Day (Kharkiv, Ukraine);
  • United Dev Conference;
  • Agile Eastern Europe Conference (International).

The logo of the site is presented both on the conference website and on printed products offline.

No SEO links

I created the site in accordance with the rules of Google. I did not buy a single link to the site. It's difficult to move without links to a new site, but I decided to follow all the rules and promote the site only with White Hat. I was asked to buy links, but I declined all offers.

Over time, I saw that other sites link to my content, for example - http://thesaker.is/donald-trump-presidential-inauguration-unofficial-sitrep-by-scott-humor/. But this was too little.

But, I developed exclusive extensions for the browser Chrome, Opera, Mozilla. Using browser extensions, you can watch SEO news directly from the extension.


I create extensions for Chrome, Opera, Mozilla. At the design stage, there were difficulties, but all problems were eliminated. All extensions have been moderated and published. All extensions are FREE. Users have already started using extensions. You can install the extension from official site — Opera, Google Chrome.

Mobile Apps

I created a special applications SEO Hero for mobile devices. My applications have been published and certified on websites — Google, Amazon, Yandex, Mobango, Aptoide etc.

Twitter and Facebook Integration

I read the documentation of the Facebook API and Twitter API and integrated the functionality of my site with social networks. As a result, the site traffic has increased.

I also created a great tool for counting the fluctuations in Google SERP for the keyword 'SEO Hero'.;

Google SERP Fluctuation

I created a very informative and beautiful design tool for analytics. You can compare the results for different dates (for example, before and after making changes to the site) and watch the results in LIVE mode.

Next, I integrated the tool with social networks, from where I received additional traffic. Changes about the positions are sent to Twitter and Facebook hourly.

Google Search Console

I created a tool to generate sitemap.xml. My site automatically adds entries in sitemap.xml when a new content on the site. In Google Console fixed all the bugs, I don't have any mistakes.


According to Google recommendations, I developed the website clear system URL. Even the pictures on the website friendly for the search from the point of view of the semantics of the URL. I also created clear to search engines the structure of header tags. Etc.


I have created a search engine optimization experts global database — https://seoheronews.com/experts. It called Heroes. All heroes have a rating and sorted by number of Twitter followers. You can now find specialists in interested country.


The site is liked by users. And I'm very glad that users on the site spend a lot of time and during the session they open several pages — https://www.similarweb.com/website/seoheronews.com#overview

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