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SEO Terms Acronyms and Abbreviations meaning


HF (high frequency search keywords) is the most requested word (words, phrases) in your theme (most popular keywords). Usually high frequency queries are the key phrases of one word, like seo or blog. In different subjects the number of queries of certain HF can vary from thousands to several tens and even hundreds of thousands.

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MFA is a site called websites that were created to accommodate and earnings on advertising (Made For Ads or Made For AdSense).

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CTB (click to buy ratio) - is the ratio of a certain number of visitors to take any action on the site to the total number of visitors.

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Tb trafficback - is reverse traffic that is not accepted by the partner program, but it can be redirected to another partern program or website.

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CMS (Content Management System) is special software, which is necessary for the creation content, content control, organization structure and editing of the website.

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EMD is an abbreviation for Exact Match Domain that means the exact match key phrase in the domain. In terms of SEO means the occurrence of key words or multiple words in a domain name (with or without hyphen). For example, for the query "new york seo" EMD domains will be:

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CPC (cost per click) - is the amount that is paid for user clicks on paid search, after which a visitor reaches the advertised web resource or one of its pages.

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