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SEO terms and definitions — P list


PageRank or PR is a calculation algorithm that is used by Google to determine the importance and relevancy of web pages. 

The PageRank indicator is calculated separately for each page, is the magnitude of its weight. The value of PR is not affected by the attendance page,and only the quantity and quality of links to other, external and internal web pages.

A value of zero PR may have recently created a web page or pages that are not linked or fallen under the ban of the search engine. The maximum value of 10 is rare (there are pages in the Internet are very few). Page may not have PR, that is, its value in a certain period is considered uncertain (n/a). This means that the search engine Google has not assigned a PR or is it a conversion before the upgrade. To get PR in range of 1 to 3, you just need to follow internal linking and create a sufficient number of pages. To achieve increased PR 5-6 is very difficult.

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Private Blog Network (PBN) is an auxiliary, often thematic sites, which provides direct assistance in the promotion or quick monetization of your primary resource. For greater efficiency, such sites create several, building a network of private blogs.

The main signs that the website is a PBN:

  • Simplicity of design and lack of navigation;
  • A large number of links to other resources;
  • Free hosting.

The creation of satellite sites is an effective way of promotion of the resource that requires attention and a thorough approach.

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Phishing, the illegal gathering of confidential information about the user computer (laptop, tablet, smartphone).

The goal of phishing is to get access to the passwords and logins of the user for further profit.

How to protect yourself from phishing

In order to avoid falling for the bait, be mindful to the proposals on the provision of your information:

  • Use antivirus software and an updated version of browsers;
  • To check domain name. It may be fake;
  • In the case of suspected phishing attack, immediately contact technical support and report the incident to the attack. To change the password;
  • No service or administration will not require you to provide personal data of its customers, so no one should ever ask your passwords.
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Ping in SEO is a request about the content update used to specify third-party resources. Usually, these third-party resources are search engines.

Send pings to any service this means to be aware of updated or new pages. Typically pings are sent to Google when you update the site map sitemap.xml. You can send ping to Yandex.Blogs when you publish a new post.

Using the RSS feed and FeedBurner, you can not worry about the pings, this service sends pings automatically to a variety of resources and a new page appear in the results after a few hours.

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Penguin is the name of the anti-spam algorithm from Google, which filtering sites. Decrease positions in search results pages of sites which actively using spam techniques of promotion.

Appeared on 24 April 2012 and since then has been updated twice. The main result is a sharp decline in search traffic from Google.

The main reasons for the Penguin filter are:

  • The use of a large number of backlinks;
  • Active links to other websites (partners) to transfer to each other the Link Juice and the manipulation of search algorithms;
  • Selling links;
  • Non themed outgoing links;
  • Use in a large number of templated pages for attract search traffic and earnings by advertising).

Often the overlay filter is accompanied by a warning 

the message panel for webmasters Google. When you delete spam to speed up the removal of filter it is advisable to request the removal of the filter from site.

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The plugin or module is an optional small part of the program, which, when added to the main program, website or game can significantly enhance its capabilities.

The plugin is used only with the program for which it was created. By itself it is not working.

The advantages of the plugin include ease of installation, accessibility.

To install the plugin, do not need special knowledge of programming languages.

The disadvantages include the potential conflict of modules and the additional load on the server. Just for using the plugin, no need to get carried away and overloading the computer.
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PPA (pay per action) – the method of payment for the visitor, which appeared on the advertiser's site through the transition of ongoing contextual advertising. Payment is not to go to the website, and for specific target action. Also known as CPA (cost per action cost per action).

The benefits of PPA

Payment is made by the advertiser for a specific action of the consumer on the website and not just for clicks or transitions, it unites PPA with different kinds of affiliate programs, the principles which are used in the PPA. This model gives far greater benefits, the efficacy of a specific visitor's actions are easy to measure, and these beneficial actions affect the site.

Most often the target action for which the payment is made by the advertiser are the following:

  • Registration on the website;
  • Subscribe to rss feed;
  • Purchase online;
  • Views of videos;
  • Download files and other.

First of all, the PPA is suitable for sites dealing with trading, using the Internet as a channel or medium to increase sales of goods or services. Most often such ads running online stores, travel agencies, real estate agency, construction, insurance companies, banks, service stations and car dealerships, services, the purchase and reservation of tickets, online gaming sites, the services for providing services to population and others.

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