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SEO terms and definitions — M list


MF (middle frequency) is keywords cross between LF and HF. For example: the keyword seo is high frequency and seo blog is already middle frequency.

For middle frequency keywords perfectly optimize page on the second level of the website: categories and other sections. Among middle frequency keywords quite a lot of low and medium competition keyword , so to promote them pages much easier than on HF words.

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MFA is a site called websites that were created to accommodate and earnings on advertising (Made For Ads or Made For AdSense).

Generally, MFA is the template sites created in haste, with poor (low-quality) content and many pages. MFA sites are created specially for search engines, search engines are the main source of traffic (more than 80% of all visitors come from search).

The sites are of no value to the user, and are motivated only go to one of the sponsored links. Thus, visitors are perceived as traffic and the main goal is the monetization of traffic with minimal effort.

Search engines are trying to filter out MFA sites that show them below the others in the search results. Especially serious is filtering MFA sites by Google.

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Microformat is a way of marking web pages on the basis of adopted standards.

Microformats are used to markup data about the objects describe the structure and content.

Feature of microformats is to use special tags such as <span> and <div> that has the attributes class, rel, rev or title for the transmission of semantic information.

To check the semantic markup of domestic webmasters often use the validators offered by search engines.

Today, there are about a dozen of microformats used for different purposes:

  • geo — for marking out the geographical coordinates;
  • adr — for marking of contact information;
  • hAtom markup for news items and blogs;
  • rel-home — navigates to the home page of the resource;
  • hResume — for publishing a essay or summary;
  • hReview — for posting reviews about products and services;
  • rel-ecolabel — for allocation of environmental friendliness;
  • rel-directory — to inform about the affiliation links to the directory listing;
  • rel-enclosure — for allocation of uploaded files;
  • rel-payment — selection of payment mechanism.
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Midrange keywords

Midrange keywords a key phrase that is used with a frequency of from 1000 to 10000 in a month. Accurate no boundaries — the frequency is determined approximately.

A distinctive feature of the Midrange keywords — a balance between the mass of high-frequency queries (HF) and narrow focus of Long Tail. Predicting mid-range needs of the audience and the time optimizing the content, webmasters will improve the site traffic even at the expense of less popular key phrases.

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A full copy of the site on another (not main) domain. A copy of the site occurs as a result of the transfer of the site to a new domain or for reasons of load distribution on servers. The site copy is called a mirror of the main site.

Mirrors can be a lot, but in the search results when a successful joining of the domain is shown only the main thing the main mirror.

For the bonding of mirrors in the search engines there is a special mirror-robot that comes to the site in its special algorithm. To anticipate the arrival of mirror-robot quite difficult, so sometimes to make changes in the search engines index you have to wait a considerable time.

Do not confuse the concept of a mirror site and aliases of sites. Despite the fact that the words are almost synonyms, they have different purposes. Mirrors are created mainly to distribute the load between servers or traffic between the regions of the users, while aliases are synonymous with domain names (e.g. www.seoheronews.com and seoheronews.com).

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Monetization is the process of making profit from the Internet resource.

In order to successfully monetize website, you need to make site the most popular, interesting and user friendly.

Ways of monetization

Monetization method the webmaster chooses the best estimate of attendance. The most popular and profitable ways include:

  • Contextual advertising with special services, such as Google AdSense system. The site owner places the ad units on site and earns from the clicks on these blocks. The amount of earnings with a single click is determined by the advertiser depending on the topics and attendance of the site;
  • Teaser, is placement of provocative text or illustrative blocks;
  • Banner advertising;
  • Selling links is via link exchange;
  • Paid content;
  • Affiliate programs;
  • Direct advertisers;
  • Paid services for users.
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