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SEO Terms — 16

Web Content

Content - content is any information product, such as a newspaper, magazine, book or television show.

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White Hat SEO

White or as they are also called natural search engine optimization techniques are called all kinds of lawful actions undertaken to promote the site in search engine ranking. loyal white methods are perceived by search engines that are indexing your site and are characterized by the fact that even if the algorithm changes, ranking, their place in the ranking is not changed because their progress is built on natural methods.

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Whois (who is) is a service used to collect information about a domain name. The service allows you to find not only name servers, but the domain owner to know his address and phone number, date of registration and name of Registrar.

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Site Scriрting cross - site vulnerability in which an attacker could place code on the pages. In SEO XSS is typically used to host SEO links on hacked site that are indexed by search engines and thus increase the popularity of the site acceptor.

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An employee of the company Yandex. Often employees of Yandex call themselves yandexoid, by analogy with the word humanoid.

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