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White Hat SEO term explained

White or as they are also called natural search engine optimization techniques are called all kinds of lawful actions undertaken to promote the site in search engine ranking. loyal white methods are perceived by search engines that are indexing your site and are characterized by the fact that even if the algorithm changes, ranking, their place in the ranking is not changed because their progress is built on natural methods.

All white search engine optimization methods can be divided into external and internal.

Onpage White Hat methods of search engine optimization

Onpage white methods of search engine optimization is a set of events, the essence of which is reduced to the holding of marketing actions and PR companies, website promotion in the rankings of search engines. Among the main actions of the external optimization, one can distinguish the following:

  • Conduct marketing campaigns to attract potential users and increase the interest of regular visitors;
  • PR companies in order to increase awareness of the site;
  • Drafting press releases and placing them on third-party resources of similar subjects;
  • Registration of the site on trusted and popular sites that have similar topics;
  • Conducting purchases quality links both manual and automated methods;
  • Conventionally, as a method to external white optimization include the purchase of articles on third-party resources.

Inpage Whte Hat methods of search engine optimization

Internal white methods of optimization can be reduced to improve the functionality of the site, its fullness and relevance of information posted. The ultimate goal is increasing the number of permanent and unique visitors to and users of the site. Among the methods of internal white website optimization, one can distinguish the following:

  • The site content is unique, interesting and relevant;
  • Increase the credibility of the website by users;
  • Improved functionality of website to improve user convenience when working with the site menu and its pages (including the elimination of cyclic references);
  • Preparation of Sitemap;
  • Tracking is incorrect and broken links;
  • Increased traffic of the website;
  • Compilation of the semantic core of the site;
  • Working with meta tags of the website their competent selection and placement;
  • Preparation of robots.txt;
  • Working with correct URLs;
  • Use to increase the weight of the site allocations key words;
  • For sites with a large amount of information – compilation of RSS feeds.

The end result of using white methods of optimization of website in search engines is the gradual promotion of the site in the rankings of search engines. Thus, the use of these methods ensures that the site will not worsen its position in the ranking, because of that, when his promotion was not used in the methods of black optimization. As such methods, due to the constant improvement of search algorithms, only bring short-term effect.

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