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Whois term explained

Whois (who is) is a service used to collect information about a domain name. The service allows you to find not only name servers, but the domain owner to know his address and phone number, date of registration and name of Registrar.

The purpose of the use

Whois is used in cases when it is necessary to thoroughly study the website, learn more about the owners, characteristics of work or to form certain tactics and strategies to promote their own resources, actively studying popular websites-competitors. Also such services use when they want to understand whether the domain that you plan to use for the new site, learn the time of registration of the domain, terms of use and owners.

Whois database

The database of Whois services include all domain name registrars and all existing domain names. Databases are of two types:

  • Centralized, where you can find any valuable information about the domains, their owners and providers;
  • Destribution, which redirect the user to a specific Registrar in accordance with the request.
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