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SEO terms and definitions — O list


Obfuscation of code is reduction of code size, keeping functionality, but complicate the analysis of code and understanding algorithms.

Often,obfuscation is used to reduce the original JavaScript code and speed up image load in browsers. As a result of code obfuscate, code is very short and unreadable. There is an inverse function of deobfuscation.

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Onapge ranking factors — criteria search engines, influencing the Google search engine results page.

Onpage is not affected by the actions of the webmaster.

Recently popular is the purchase of eternal links. They can be purchased in different forms: in the form of notes, contextual links, links from articles. Thanks to them you can promote the site, focusing on the various search engines, usually Google.

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Optimizer — a person engaged in SEO website optimization.

The work performed by the optimizer

SEO specialist performs a number of works which help to raise the position of a particular website in SERP. Usually, the optimizer does the complex work that not only promote the site in search engines, but to make it as easy as possible for users.

Onpage optimization

  • The semantic core.
  • Search competitors, analysis of their work;
  • Filling in meta tags title (individually for each page according to the keywords for which they are moving) and a description (correct and accurate description of all pages);
  • Improved usability (improvement of the website interface. The navigation is made so that visitors have an unforgettable experience to use it).
  • Linking;
  • Writing articles, posts and other entries with reference to the resource on other sites;
  • Continuous monitoring of the progress of the site, to troubleshoot possible problems with the sanctions ;
  • Attracting visitors through social networks.

Onpage optimization

  • Purchase of links on other sites with relevant theme;
  • Writing articles, posts and other entries with link to the resource on other sites;
  • Continuous monitoring of the progress of the site, to troubleshoot possible problems with the sanctions;
  • Attracting visitors through social networks.

There are two main types of SEOs: working white and black optimization optimization. There are also gray, which is on the border of these two.

Specialists white optimization

White Hat SEOs spend their work a huge amount of time, and therefore are valued more than others. Their work focused on internal website optimization, which consists in filling the pages of high-quality creative content, improved design for more comfortable use by visitors.

Black Hat SEO specialists involved in black optimization

In this case, all of the work SEOs are intended to deceive search engines. All kinds of spam and other methods, the use of which often lead to the ban of sites by search engines.

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Outlink or external link can be either incoming and outgoing. In the first case, the site refers to external resource, in the second case the external reference means that you refer to an external resource.

When talking about external links, it is necessary to clarify what was going on. Right to use the term outbound link instead of outgoing external link. In the case of an inbound right to use the term reverse link to interlocutors it was clear the subject.

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Overspam rank is Numerical indicator text. Usually the term used to refer to the text content on the page, but also term use to indicate overspam keywords in anchor-list.

Often the term overspam is used in SEO as the synonym keyword density by excessive use of keywords on the page. In this case, overspam calculate as a percentage of occurrences of the keyword on the page.

Also under the overpsam SEOs understand the square root of the number of occurrences of the most frequent words in the document with all prepositions, interjections. In most cases, less than overspam of the page is better, as the page can be optimized for several keywords.

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