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SEO terms and definitions — H list


Header means hat, top. This is the upper part of the site that the user sees, when comes to the page. It can be separated by feature or have a color different from that of the main block.

The components of the header:

  • The header usually are the following elements:
  • The name of the resource;
  • Slogan;
  • Logo;
  • Contact information;
  • Menu.

The header is an important part of the presentation of the website. How carefully it is designed, depends, whether there will be a visitor on the website. Here, in the first few seconds will play the role of his design and then the horizontal menu. It should help the user navigate the page and spend it to the required information.

As the theater begins with a hanger, so the website begins with header.

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HF (high frequency search keywords) is the most requested word (words, phrases) in your theme (most popular keywords). Usually high frequency queries are the key phrases of one word, like seo or blog. In different subjects the number of queries of certain HF can vary from thousands to several tens and even hundreds of thousands.

Also HF are often highly competitive queries and therefore, they optimized the home page with the maximum Link Weight/Link Juice. Not to be confused with high-frequency and highly competitive queries, because some high-frequency queries can be quite competitive.

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HTML is HyperText Markup Language is the markup language of websites. Unlike PHP, this language is read (interpreted) by the browser. The latest version of HTML to date is HTML 5. Files containing HTML markup have the extension .htm or .html. Such files are opened by any modern browser.

Using the language of the web HTML user can do anything: from the usual links (a) to a table (table). For beautiful design responds to a completely different web languages — CSS, it can be connected without problems using the <style>style rules</style> or included in the HTML file the CSS file.

Connection methods there are many, but the most correct and common is

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="/style.css" />

All creative processes begin with a very simple tag. Tag commented out, so never displayed. See him only browsers, as well as, it can be seen, if you look at the source code of the page.

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HTTP is an abbreviated acronym from the English expression Hyper Text Transfer Protocol represents one of the types of information protocols that are used in web programming. This Protocol is designed to create the required high-speed exchange of data between the user, the server and the information provider.

The Protocol HTTP

The functionality of the HTTP Protocol is based on the principle of data exchange in the form of request – response.

Features HTTP

The HTTP Protocol is characterized by its high versatility because it is designed for use in the implementation of various target query and you'll be using:

  • Universal resource identifier (URI);
  • Universal resource location (URL);
  • Universal resource name (URN).

The versatility of this Protocol allows users to access to other operating Internet protocols such as:

  • Simple network protocols for the transmission of mail information, SMTP;
  • Network protocols for working with the news data — NNTP;
  • Protocols of transmission of information data with private resources for the open server FTP;
  • Protocols to access Internet documents, Gopher (Gopher), which were used to 93-year and supplanted by HTTP;
  • Protocols of the WAIS search system for the client and server date exchange.
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