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SEO terms and definitions — E list


EMD is an abbreviation for Exact Match Domain that means the exact match key phrase in the domain. In terms of SEO means the occurrence of key words or multiple words in a domain name (with or without hyphen). For example, for the query "new york seo" EMD domains will be:

  • newyorkseo.com 
  • newyork-seo.com 
  • and so on.

In October 2012, Google introduced an algorithm, which lowers the results EMD-domains in combat and unbranded resources. From that day, registering new domains, you should consider the negative attitude of search engine key phrases in their title.

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Encoding is a map between numeric number of characters (numbers, letters, symbols and other special characters). The most common encodings are considered in conjunction with the ASCII Unicode UTF-8 and Windows-1251. The content encoding is a special meta tag, which sets a type code for pages.

<meta charset=UTF-8>

In case it is Unicode UTF-8.

Universal encoding

By far the most popular and well known is the UTF-8 encoding, and it is used to ensure maximum compatibility with all old systems that used conventional 8-bit characters. UTF-8 includes most of the sites that are on the Internet, and this standard is universal. UTF-8 supports Cyrillic and Latin.

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External factors

External factors are factors which do not depend on the considered resource. This type of factors are external links, their parameters and the parameters of their donor, for example:

  • age of links; 
  • the authority of the donor; 
  • location links;
  • the link anchor text.

Manipulating external and internal factors that can affect the results in the search engines.

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