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403 Forbidden — a server-side error, indicating that access to the resource or its fragment forbidden by the web server configuration.


The file is prohibition via configuration web serve by next files:

  • The root file of the Web server includes directives of the prohibition and permission (apache2.conf, squid.conf, nginx.conf);
  • File .htaccess, including the conditions for the folder in which it is placed.

For example, the rule Deny from All will give a complete prohibition of access to the contents of the required directory. When the user clicks he will be denied access and showing a 403 error.

Error can occur at the fault site and the fault of the proxy server, for example, in a corporate network.


  • The site administrator should verify the correctness of the file .htaccess and, if necessary, correct the file.
  • Correct rights to the folder containing the target file.
  • To go through open or closed proxy server or using a different browser, change IP address.

403 error or forbidden

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404 Not Found or the 404 error is one of the standard HTTP status code that is returned by a web server in the case that information is missing. When this error occurs, access is provided to the server, but the requested information or the page may have been not found.


Links that display the message 404 Not Found is called broken. Currently developed a number of services allowing to check the website for errors.

User behavior

When the users tend to experience disappointment and negative emotions and automatically closed the page. It lost a significant portion of potential customers. To neutralize the negative effects of the following actions are recommended:

  • Insert a cheerful greeting and a fun picture;
  • To place a link to the main page and other important pages;
  • Include additional information about the website that will indicate the viability of the resource;
  • To insert a search form.

Proper registration page with an error can be a great advertising platform.

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