Yandex.Direct introduce a new status for the ad groups — Little impressions

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Yandex.Direct team announced that next week the ad groups with very low traffic automatically switches to a new status of "Little impressions." Groups with this status are suspended and not participate in the auction on the search networks.

Little shows status is assigned by Yandex on the basis of the latest statistics of the queries, user settings and data which already accumulated impressions, and clicks on the ad. The status means that the current group is shown rarely or not shown at all. That is formally, in reality it is mean groups not the interest for users. Its group is temporarily blocked, so you will pay attention to the weak group of ads and revise the settings of group.

The interface displays tips on how to change the settings so that the group once again became active. At the same time to make changes do not have — Yandex.Direct will return to show the group if users become more likely to look for at least one of the keywords.

For groups with Little shows status is not going statistics for 28 days, accumulated data about the effectiveness of phrases will be available in the report.

On the day of the launch of the new status, all advertisers will be notified again about this short announcement and Yandex.Direct team will be happy to answer all questions about that status.

About how the new status will be reflected on the methods of API can be read here.

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