In Yandex.Direct there is a new target category mobile applications

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Team Yandex.Direct announced about the launch of a new targeting – interest in mobile applications. Now publishers can show ads only to users who prefer mobile apps from certain categories.

For example, e-commerce, you can advertise only for customers with an interest in "Shopping", and the game type "three in a row" — for those who prefer casual gaming genre. You can choose one or more categories of interest-and all at once, for maximum coverage.

To configure a new target in a separate block "Interests" which appeared in the configuration interface ad groups. Soon functionality will appear in the API direct.

Targeting by interest categories of applications running at the mobile platforms in the Yandex Advertising network and external networks, it is applicable to all strategies in the networks. Team direct recommends the use of strategies for advertising mobile applications: the Average price of installing the app, Weekly budget: maximum settings. If you select manual strategy, you can set bids for each category of interest.

In the report Wizard there is a new filter "Interests". It can be used to analyze the effectiveness of each category and make decisions on what interests and with what stakes you are profitable the show is.

Details about the setup and operation of a new targeting for advertising mobile applications can be found in the Help.

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