WhatsApp will to the court for the transfer of data German users

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The Federal Association of consumer protection of Germany filed a lawsuit to WhatsApp. The company is accused of illegal transfer of Facebook user data, reports Bloomberg.

In August 2016 WhatsApp changed privacy policy. Under the new rules, users personal information, including phone numbers, are disclosed to Facebook. And this happens regardless of whether the user social network account.

According to the plaintiffs, the transfer of personal data contrary to applicable national standards of consumer protection. Users should decide what information about yourself to reveal and how such data may be used.

Previously in September, the German authorities Facebook to cease collection and storage of data of WhatsApp users. The demand was published on the website of the office for data protection in Hamburg. However, the company has not complied with this requirement.

In October European regulators demanded from Facebook to stop usage data of WhatsApp, while an investigation into the changes of the rules.

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