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W3C term explained

W3C – world wide web Consortium – an organization whose primary purpose is the creation and introduction of modern standards WWW. The origin of the term associated with the acronym for the World Wide Web Consortium.

The structure

W3C is a conglomerate of more than 350 different organizations. However, the main issues are resolved administration institutions: MIT (USA), ERCIM (EU) and Keio University, Japan.

The main objectives

The W3C is developing recommendations for software developers and hardware. The recommendations have the form of a list of standards, principles and methods, to maximize compatibility between the hardware and different manufacturers, making use of the Web comfortable and more perfect.

Features of the W3C standards

Recommendation, W3C used, publicly available and not protected by a patent. They can be used by any company, not even connected with the Consortium. The standards of this Association are of great popularity among creators and vendors, since their implementation does not require the certification by the participants.

The sequence of recommendations

Each principle or standard the W3C has a procedure approval process consisting of 5 stages:

  • Draft specifications;
  • A working version of the project;
  • The final version of the revision;
  • Possible recommendation;
  • The proposed recommendation.
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