VK added ability to copy settings ads

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Team VK announced about the possibility to copy advertising records. Before a adverting companies is needed to duplicate manually, and now in an advertising office on the announcements page in a few clicks you can copy an entire record or only the ad settings and targeting.

Copying of records will speed up the start of the experiments: it is now easier to test ads on different target audiences and to check how the publication depending on the content. This will help to improve the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and run ads.

For developers of advertising automation systems recommends copying the ads through the API to use the methods https://vk.com/dev/wall.postAdsStealth and vk.com/dev/ads.createAdsand post edit method https://vk.com/dev/wall.editAdsStealth.

Not so long ago in the VK communities app catalog appeared application 'Status of orders' for the groups online stores. The app will help to notify the customer about the status of their order directly in the social network.

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