Users VK will have the opportunity to work with Microsoft Office documents

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Team VK announced that from today users of the network will be available to preview Microsoft Office documents: text files .doc, and .docx, spreadsheets in .xls, and .xlsx, presentations in .ppt, and .pptx. Files do not need to download to the device, clicking the document will open in a new browser window or in the VK application.

Preview of documents working in the web version of VK and in application. In the future users will be able to edit Microsoft Office files directly in a social network.

Alexander Konstantinov, head of Backend development:

Users used to share files: students can exchange notes, entrepreneurs send presentations to clients, managers send contracts via email. Now users can work with documents without leaving the social network and installing additional apps.

The ability to attach record documents appeared in 2011. All files uploaded by users through the service Documents by default marked as personal, that is not displayed in the search results. Using the privacy settings users decide who can see their uploaded documents.

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