VK will support the work of the Foundation for psychological help "Your territory"

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Social network VK has provided the Foundation of psychological assistance to teenagers "Your territory" a grant of one million rubles. As reported in the official press release, Incontact will support the work of the Fund and, in particular, will co-Finance the project.

From today to monitor social networks to identify and restrict access to profiles and communities that have a negative and dangerous influence on children and adolescents, will be joined by psychologists of the Fund. In addition, specialists Your "territory" will be able to provide support to teenagers who are in critical psychological situations directly in the social network.

Employees of charity Fund "Your area" free and anonymous advice for children on the site and other sites. Psychologists help teenagers who are in a critical situation on the brink of a choice between life and death, require immediate support from a child psychologist and found no other way to get help. 2 years professionals took 10 410 cases from 360 cities of Russia. Every month is 300 consultations with children who are in severe crisis, and more than 600 on the problems of adolescence.

Boris Dobrodeyev, General Director Mail.Ru Group:

"Fund "Your territory" is one of the few organizations that provides professional psychological assistance to children and adolescents in crisis situations on the Internet. The center's specialists focus on online communication: modern children easier and more familiar write a message in the chat on the website or in social media, a telephone hotline and in person to talk about their problems. Incontact collaborates with the project throughout the year, and we believe it is necessary to support the work of the Foundation "Your territory" in the social network. Together with the psychologists of the organization, we will continue our monitoring of the site and support children in difficult life situations and were left alone with their problems."
Ekaterina Fedorova, Director of the Charitable Foundation "Your territory":
"During our cooperation, a number of complaints from the children helpline has increased. This confirms that the students are ready to get help from adults and apply for it. We thank VK for attitude and participation in the development services Fund. In our opinion, is relevant and effective communication will help to attract additional resources to provide crisis assistance to children from different regions of Russia".
From may 2016 on the pages of the communities the social network is blocked for the justification of suicide, users see a link to the page "Your site". In addition, the VK search by key words associated with this theme is the first official community project.
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