VK function of the references of users in conversations

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In the web version of VK function mention individual users in group chats. About it it is reported on the page of Live Express.

Now you can mention in the conversation one of the interlocutors, to do this, enter @ and write the name of the desired person. Thus it is possible to not only mention other chat participants, but any user VK.


If the user will be mentioned in the chat, he will receive a push notification about it, but in the conversation mention separately will not be allocated. When you click on the link in the notification, the user will see the message in which it is mentioned. Push notifications will be coming, even if the user has disabled notifications from the chat. If the mentioned user is not in the right chat, the notification of the mention it receives.

At the time of launch functions in mobile apps you can only get notifications about mentions. As reported by vc.the representative Vkontakte Eugene Krasnikov, the ability to mention other users in the application will appear in the next update.

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