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Team VK announced that from today, video ads into their news feeds will start to run automatically. Playback of video begins when more than half of the video is displayed on the screen. For advertisers, the system automatically predicting the quality of views and video analytics, including statistics of the views by quartile (25% share in video).

To display video, you can choose any configuration of platforms: in the news on the website, in mobile apps or on all devices. Depending on Internet speed, the video player automatically selects the optimum video quality. The sound at startup does not play and is only activated by clicking on the video. It is also planned the possibility of buying such a format on all resources Group with a common frequency.

Alexander Kruglov, Director of development at VK:

Video advertising is perhaps the most relevant ad format this year. Unlike prerolls, live news feed does not irritate and allows you to reach an audience who are usually not watching a video. As such we suggest to use short videos that from the first frame will attract the attention of users due to the bright content, and using relevant topics and targeting tools of VK

Auto-play videos in news feed and on the pages of users and communities appeared VK at 18 October 2016, but it was not available for commercials.

Auto-play aims to simplify the viewing of advertisements for users of VK, without taking additional actions to play.

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