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Users of social network VK started to complain to the advertising recordings. She now plays at the end of the listened tracks and is marked with a yellow marker:


The first innovation noticed in popular communities. According to the owners of some of them, is the audio in the social network is better than on other services.

I often listen to music on Yandex.Music and advertising have become accustomed. But in VK is a plus — she's anticipating and being heard at an accelerated rate," said the administrator of the public Marketpla.apk.
Despite positive reviews, most users of this innovation simply disturbs. Especially gets is of a network of restaurants fast food McDonald's, the METRO and car company Mazda. Users excitedly telling each other to use AdBlock and other tools, to avoid listening to the advertising audio recordings.

Recall that in social networks, belonging Group until the end of 2016 will be the audio became known in November 2016. Earlier, in October 2016, the users of VK found in the code of the audio player function is designed to scroll the advertising between recordings. The first companies whose commercials appeared in the music section, VK, were McDonald's, Coca-Cola, Zic, Adidas, Nissan Qashqai and MTS TV.

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