The VK app will be integrated with taxi service

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Mobile application VK is integrated taxi service. About this report Izvestia, citing sources close to the company.

The administration of the social network is negotiating with the largest taxi services, including services such as Yandex.Taxi and Gettaxi. VK plans to integrate these services into mobile app. It allow users to order taxi not leaving the social network.

"The main goal of VK is to ensure that the user spent more time in your app. VK has become a mature project with the ideology of the Internet portal and will now try to provide its users with everything the competitiors has. There is a struggle for users. VK needs to diversify income" — analyst Finam, Leonid Delitsyn

The integration of the taxi with a mobile app — part of the strategy VK, to ensure that users spend more time on the pages of social networks. With the same goal developers of social network has launched a new service Products in December 2016. There in the first place displays the ads of a user's friends and friends of friends, but accessible and search ad for all users and VK communities. The buyer can search by name and description of the product, specify the category, price and region. To pay for the goods using remittances of VK.

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