VK has published a list of prohibited types of advertising

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Social network VK published a list of prohibited types of advertising, for which there are penalties. The move is designed to rid the community from low-grade ads.

According to the rules of the service prohibited advertising:

  • with the use of inflated unsupported promises: "Register on our website and earn one million per month", "earn in a Villa in the Caribbean for a week with options trading", "Buy our miracle pills and lose weight 5 kg in a week", etc.;
  • using the shock content and pornography;
  • casinos and other forms of gambling. With the exception of poker;
  • alcohol and tobacco, narcotic substances;
  • sites with viruses and SMS fraud.
  • services "markups" for VC and other social networking sites;
  • services hacking: sites, mail, personal pages, etc.;
  • services for spam and some other types of ads.
For publishing prohibited advertising community may be limited the ability to post links on the wall. The penalty will depend on the extent of violations and history of punishment community and range from several days to several months.

Representatives of VK note that these restrictions apply only to ads placed by personal arrangement with the advertiser. Advertising, placed through the Exchange of VK, is moderation on the part of the social network.

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