Video is the most popular format for publishing on Facebook

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The company Locowise have shared the results of a research of audience behavior on Facebook in the year 2016.

The table below shows the growth of audience, scope and activity of visitors on brand pages by month:

facebook metrics

As can be seen from the table, major changes were not. In August, there was a noticeable decline in coverage, but in the last months of 2016 they leveled off.

From the point of view of coverage in the first half of the year was in the lead video. In September-November they were overtaken photos:

facebook formats

The most engaging format throughout the year was video:

facebook engaging

The number of pages that use advertising to promote content in the second half of the year fell:

facebook ads

According Locowise, format Instant Articles until ready competently to use just a few brands.

The social network also appeared a lot of chat-bots, to make it easier for companies to communicate with customers. According to experts, in the future they can be integrated into the marketing campaign.

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