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SEO terms and definitions — V list

Viral advertising

Viral advertising – General promotion of any product online. This product can be any subject or phenomenon.

The basic principles of promoting of viral advertising in modern conditions:

  • Content that triggers emotions;
  • The intriguing title;
  • Actuality at the moment;
  • Viral is the product itself, the user of the website or the products advertised.

Sources for promoting advertisement can be information portals, visited blogs, social networks and many forums.

The pros and cons of viral advertising

The advantages of viral advertising: the relative cheapness, the possibility of disseminating among the masses of users, the speed, the increasing popularity of the created image.

The only drawback, which is able to undo all the positive side: it is impossible to predict whether such advertising is effective. The formation of a negative image of wasted money – that is the reverse of the medal.

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