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User-Friendly term explained

User-friendly or made for people a website called which aims to solve the problem of the user and to help in the decision, may be by the payment for online business.

Due with advent in internet of many sites created specifically for the robots for monetize advertising (MFA sites), spam sites, automatically generated site and so on, needed a term that indicates otherwise. So there are user-friendly implying good website, easy to use which solves the problem of the user.

Sites are made for people who have the following indications: 

  • Original design; 
  • Easy navigation;
  • Easy structure;
  • Absence of distracting links and ads;
  • Big brand component;
  • Activity audience;
  • Trust backlinks.

Also site need good attendance of the site from different sources, a lot of direct visits. 

Search engines like these sites and give them preference in search results. One of the goal of SEO is to prove to the search engines, using the internal optimization and working on content that a particular site is user-friendly sites.

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