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Usability term explained

Usability (ease of use, practicality) is a parameter that characterizes the degree of comfort of use of something: whether it's the website or program interface. The higher the usability, the greater the location receives from site visitors, reduces the amount of exits (bounce rate), increased scroll depth.

Synonyms of the term usability can be ergonomic, usefulness.

Visited the site, a cursory reading of the site, it is necessary to understand the structure, topic and whether the website to be useful. Since there is no instructions on how to use Internet sites, then it needs to be designed so that the user can intuitively understand. If a visitor can't quickly find information, in most cases decides to leave it and move on to another more comfortable online. Thus, the usability, is designed to assess the usability of the site, eventually affects metrics such as conversion and traffic to the site.

Improved usability aims to remove the user questions such as:

  • What is devoted to the theme of the site?
  • How to find interesting information?
  • How to use the site?

Signs of a high degree of usability:

  • when you visit the site for the first time, people immediately understand how to use it;
  • when you visit people freely oriented on the site;
  • the visitor is pleasantly situated on the site;
  • the use of the site missing error, especially when visiting large web portals that require registration, questionnaires and any other forms.

Lowest rate does not mean usability not quality content, and evidence inconvenient navigation on the website, not the text from the point of view of visualization, a large number of attachments and other factors affecting the comfort of the orientation of the site and its attractiveness.

To improve usability will test the website with real visitors.

Usability testing

Usability testing is an important and common tool creating attractive and user-friendly apps and websites.

Classification of testing tools:

  • Map of links;
  • Map of clicks;
  • Temperature map;
  • Map of the paths through the site;
  • Scrolling map;
  • Map of keystrokes and completing forms;
  • Map of highlight and copy the text;
  • Services that allow you to record the behavior of site visitors.

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