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URL term explained

URL is the address of the web page on the Internet. There is a term from the Uniform Resource Locator.

The URL can point to a nonexistent page.

The structure of the URL

URL have a form:

<scheme>://<site type>.<domain name>:<port>/<path>/

The scheme is a network Protocol that specifies data transfer type. For example:

  • Transfer Protocol Hyper-text – http;
  • Over an encrypted connection — https
  • The data transfer Protocol ftp;
  • The email address is mailto;
  • Realtime – time rtsp.

Type of the website browser, which is adapted to the site. Initially, the type of the website, for any URL addresses that served as symbols www – this means that the resource is available for any browser. And later introduced and the reduction in the wap, which identificeret website designed for mobile phones. At the moment, such rules do not hold and in case if the resource is adapted for viewing on a mobile device identifies the data extension.

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