United Dev Conf 2017

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6-7 April in Minsk will host the international IT-conference United Dev Conf for front-end, highload, mobile developers and marketers.

2 days, 3 streams technical reports, 1 thread about marketing services, 40+ speakers, 50+ companies, 700+ participants.

You go to the most interesting speakers:

  • Ilya Klimov (Ukraine): Vue.JS: what I traded React in 2017, and why?;
  • Denis Radin (Netherlands): Applying NASA coding standards to JavaScript ;
  • Dmitry Bortalevich (Belarus): How to train your WebVR;
  • Alexander Krasheninnikov (Russia): Hadoop High Availability: experience Badoo;
  • Leonid Vasiliev (Ireland): Building, deploying and running production code at Dropbox;
  • Mete Atamel (UK): Resilient microservices with Kubernetes;
  • Keith Moon (United Kingdom): Machine Learning on iOS;
  • Alexander Sychev (Russia): Statics and dynamics. How theme frameworks will help to upgrade your app;
  • Cesar Valiente (Germany): Unidirectional data flow on Android using Kotlin;
  • Manuel De Vits (Belgium): Just Sell IT! How to sell IT projects effectively;
  • Adam Wesolowski (Poland): How to start working on growth?;
  • Anna Lavrov (Ukraine): How to build a mutually beneficial relationship with the client.

More reports on the website.

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See you at the conference!

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