Unexpected Conference - one of the largest IT conference in Ukraine

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February 25, 2017 will be held Unexpected Conference - one of the largest IT conference in Ukraine about the establishment and development of IT business in Ukraine.

Conference topics:

  • Business strategy;
  • Outsourcing & product;
  • Start-ups and investment;
  • IoT technologies;
  • Financial management;
  • Quality networking;
  • Law and IT;
  • Sales and marketing;
  • The importance of the brand and the team.

Location: Hotel Taurus, Lviv

Date: 02/25/2017

More information on the website and FB

3 and a maximum flow of practice:

    • a. Let's talk about financial planning, start-ups and іnvestorah
    • a. IoT technology development strategy, outsourcing and product companies
    • a. Communication, Law and IT, how to build not only the company but also the brand and what skills are needed for the successful development of the IT business

The conference offers: Speeches of speakers, panel discussions, workshops, useful contacts, new opportunities and fans of the Afterparty.

Speakers: Volodymyr Nesterenko (Managing Partner at Digital Future Head of Research Committee in UVCA), Alexandr Mikhaylenko (Entrepreneur, Ex-CEO at Jeapie), Ivan Chub (CTO and Head of R & D, co-founder project TechNovator XE is the DeviceVoice), Oleksandr Krakovetsky (CEO DevRain Solutions, CTO DonorUA. Microsoft Regional Director), Regіna Mahotіna (Executive Director UA Angel), Alexander Balkova (Business development officer WannaBiz) and other



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