Twitter bought a startup to Yes and appointed him as the head Director for the product

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Twitter bought a startup to Yes, who was involved in the development of mobile applications. About it reports ReCode.

Under the deal, the head of the project Keith Coleman was appointed Vice-President, who is responsible for the main product Twitter website and app. Six other employees Yes will also be joining the microblogging service.

Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. We only know that Yes is closing its mobile apps – wyd and Frenzy.

Yes! Keith and team are joining Twitter to help lead and strengthen our service!

— 🚶🏽jack (@jack) December 1, 2016.

Recall that the previous Vice-President for product Twitter Jeff Siebert left this post in June. He returned to the management platform, Fabric, which involved to improve.

Within the company permanent replacement Siebert was not found. So Twitter has opened the vacancy to find a suitable candidate outside. Temporarily the acting head of the product was appointed senior development Director Ed Ho.

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