Twitter against trolling

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Twitter introduces three new updates to enhance the fight against trolling. Among them are the following:

  • Suppression create accounts for the purpose of trolling. Twitter will identify users whose accounts previously blocked for abusive behavior and will not allow them to create a new account;
  • More safe search. Now search results will be excluded offensive content tweets as well as publication to those people whose accounts are locked. The goal is to provide users with not only more secure but also more relevant results;
  • Hide low-quality tweets and offensive content tweets. This innovation also aims to improve the experience of user interaction with the service. It starts gradually.

Previously that in the spring of 2016 the Twitter team announced several innovations designed to make the fight against Internet trolls and offensive behavior in the framework of the platform more effective.

First and foremost, the company has updated its policy concerning abusive behavior and has expanded the list of threatening and inappropriate content prohibited for publication in the service. Also added new tools to stop the trolls.

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