Twitter will close some of their own promotional products

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Twitter intends to close several promotional products to optimize their business. About it reports TechCrunch, citing its sources.

In the fourth quarter the company's revenue from advertising fell from $641 million in 2015 to $638 in 2016. Net loss amounted to $167 million and the audience grew just 4% (to 319 million).

Amid this situation, the Twitter management has made the decision to optimize business and to find a combination of products that will attract both: users and advertisers.

In the nearest plans of Twitter to focus on its main mission. Last week it described as: "the best place to get quick information about what is happening in the world, and what people say". The company is also looking for ways to reduce advertising business tools, leaving only the most profitable products.

According to TechCrunch, Twitter will re-assess such areas as advertising, direct response, promoted tweets and platform TellApart retargeting. While the company does not intend to close them. Instead, it will focus on those areas that bring more income. Support for those products not in popular by advertisers will eventually be discontinued.

The press service of Twitter not commented. During a conference call for analysts CEO Jack Dorsey said that 2017 will be the year of simplification and the differentiation of its advertising products.

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