Twitter stopped developing its own messenger

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Twitter more than a year working on creating its own messenger, but eventually abandoned the idea and closed the project. About it reports Buzzfeed.

The development of the messenger was carried out by the team from Bangalore (India). In September 2016, work on the project was discontinued, and the local engineering center – closed.

According to Buzzfeed, Twitter users in little India, and the launch of the messenger was intended to increase the popularity of the microblogging service in the country.

The developers wanted to highlight a few influential users in the different subjects and to convince them to create and lead your group in the new service. Team members could see the tweets of their creators and discuss them.

However, testing the application did not bring the expected results, and the decision was made to close the project.

The press service of the company declined to comment. This is one of the top managers of Twitter India anonymously confirmed the creation of the app.

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