Twitter will disable the advertising format Lead Generation Card

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Twitter announced the impending disconnection of the advertising format Lead Generation Cardused to collect the contact information of the users.

The press Secretary commented on the decision: "We are always experimenting with better ways to help advertisers effectively reach customers. This time we are going to focus on creating and improving other formats, which provide better results for advertisers".

Why Twitter decided to abandon this format, and whether it is proposed any alternatives, the company said.

The trip will be carried out in stages:

  • Since February 1, 2017, the company will not be able to create and edit cards lead generation, which can be attached to ordinary tweets.
  • From 1 March 2017 Twitter will stop showing these cards to users.
Recall that Twitter introduced advertising format Lead Generation Card in may 2013. The number of companies that have used it include brands such as Priceline, New Relic and Full Sail.

The format is as follows: once the user clicked on the button to confirm your consent for the disclosure of personal data, his email was passed on to the advertiser.

In June 2015 Facebook has launched a similar format called Lead Ads. However, the social network expanded its capabilities. In addition to email addresses, advertisers can obtain information such as phone number, postcode, country of residence, position and work place user's important details that help to bring a potential customer to make a purchase.

Apparently, the Twitter product could not compete with the solution from Facebook.

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