Some Facebook shareholders want to exclude Mark Zuckerberg from the Board of Directors

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A group of Facebook shareholders urged the Board members to exclude the head of the company Mark Zuckerberg of the Board of Directors.

According to investors, independent person will be able to provide proper control over the management of the company, improve corporate governance manage, adopt a clearer action plan for shareholders.

For the exception Mark Zuckerberg of the Board of Directors is a group of investors who are members of the human rights organization SumOfUs. The Association positions itself as an online community that works to accountability corporations to justice for a number of global problems such as climate change, violation of workers rights, discrimination, corruption and the seizure of power by large companies.

The press service of Facebook not comment this issue.

It is expected that the company will provide a formal response to the proposal of shareholders in April 2017.

Previously in the summer of 2016 the Board of Directors of Facebook wanted to deprive Zuckerberg control of the company if Mark leave the post.

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