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SEO Hero use SSL issued by GlobalSign. I don't recommend to use certificates from Let's encript and Cloud Flare because in this case one certificate is a lots of sites.

I use high quality certificate from GlobalSign — SSL certificate AlphaSSL.

GlobalSign - Japanese quality and reliability.

AlphaSSL is an inexpensive 256-bit digital security certificate. AlphaSSL certificate is the ideal baseline (check domain).

Benefits AlphaSSL certificate:

  • Fast issuance;
  • 256-bit encryption;
  • Supported by all browsers and mobile devices;
  • Free secure site icon from AlphaSSL.

Price from 179 eur.

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The future of the Internet — SSL.

Most popular search engines as Google or Yandex has changed the rules of ranking — now sites using HTTPS connection that rise higher in search results. Becoming the owner of an SSL certificate you will not only reliably protect your website, but also to attract a lot more people. :)

For SEO Hero website issued a special SSL passport. Below in footer you can find the seal, clicking on which will open the special passport of SEO Hero.

Tradition, reliability and quality are integral features of Japanese culture which formed the basis of approaches to technology, becoming a benchmark in many industries, including the protection of transmitted data. A leader in the field of data protection!

Why SEO Hero chose GlobalSign?

GlobalSign a leader in the field of data protection

The company GlobalSign is the world's second largest certification authority with the WebTrust accreditation. GlobalSign is one of the founders of the forum, CA/B, a proud member of the Alliance OTA (Online Trust Alliance) and the working group Anti-Phishing Working Group.

Reliability, time-tested

The company GlobalSign established in 1996 as one of the first online providers of the trust. Over the years, the company has issued millions of trusted digital certificates to people, servers and mobile devices for solutions and applications support for public key infrastructure PKI.

Highly qualified specialists

Organizations and individuals around the world will be able to obtain the assistance of technical specialists in our international offices.

SSL set on Java, TomCat

I originally put the certificate on Apache, because I made a website in PHP.

However, I decided to work seriously on SEO Hero project and started using Java. Had to re-install, but everything works perfectly.

SSL 301 redirect

After installing the SSL certificate you must to set up the 301 redirect that was done on my SEO Hero website.

On SEO Hero site the 301 redirection is done page by page.

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