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For a site SEO Hero created site map. The sitemap format is XML. Sitemap is created without the use of special external services. I have created an exclusive technical solution for the site using the Java programming language.

For the website SEO Hero created three types of maps:

  • Sitemap of all pages;
  • Sitemap of all images;
  • Sitemap for Google News.

In the future, website SEO Hero will be added to Google News, but the application will be filed in the future.

Of course, the site map only contains useful pages in the site map page are only able to attract the website traffic.

You can see all three cards on the links and evaluate the quality of the work:


According to the requirements of search engine optimization sitemap is added in the robots.txt


The site map is updated automatically immediately after the appearance of new materials on the website.

seo hero sitemap
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