SEO hero use SSD and Cloud Flare DNS but not use Cloud Flare CDN

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SEO Hero website is on a VPS on SSD. SSD — optimal solution for the site.

Website owners know how important the speed of the server on which the project deploy.

Performance of all online resource depends on the server.

VPS on SSD offers a solution that once and for all solve the problem of low speed of reading and writing.

Speed is above all! The website loading speed affects search ranking.

The speed of reading and writing the SSD is 6-10 times greater than similar parameters of conventional HDD, and the speed of casual access are higher in 50-200 times!

In the beginning I used the HDD for SEO Hero.

If you are the owner of a popular website, a large news site or confronted every day with the high load on your site after upgrading to an SSD, the server will feel the difference in performance in favor of VPS with SSD.

I use Cloud Flare DNS because Cloud Flare good coverage around the world.

But, I don't use Cloud Flare CDN because very often I have seen erroneous determination of the user as a hacker and captcha decreases loyalty and increases the bounce rate.

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