SEO Club meeting in Kiev 18.02.2017

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Want to be aware of new SEO and Internet marketing? Want to learn how now promoting and advancing your colleagues on the market? Want to get cool new ideas?

Then you here!

What everyone loves SEO Club

It is an open platform for live communication and experience exchange, making new acquaintances and finding reliable business partners. There are easy, positive and useful.

Who you'll see at the meeting

Events come beginners and advanced SEO professionals, Internet marketers, web developers, copywriters and content managers, designers, and workers and owners of different areas online and offline.

Ideas and Dating in a million

According to the participants, obtained at the meetings, the information changes perceptions, inspires and opens up new opportunities, and useful contacts already bring profit and pleasure to work with adequate nice people.

The format of the event: who, what, when and how

On Saturday the rest of the office, and we are no exception, so at least the formalism, the maximum positive!

The meeting consists of three parts:

  • The reports of the residents of the club, separated by delicious coffee breaks
  • A round table over a Cup of tea and ordered a meal where you can socialize with like-minded people, get answers to your questions and learn a lot of interesting things.
  • Afterparty. Everyone wear bracelets Bibliotech, relax, socialize and have fun. In this help table football, ping-pong, PlayStation and other "buns" of the institution.

Join and have fun.

P. S. Free bonus from smartcaféBibliotech — unlimited coffee, tea, cookies and toast for all guests!


  • "A full study of the semantics and clustering: from theory to practice!" the primary channels for collecting request (accordions, trash); pumped methods (services, database); is not obvious, unused but useful sources to Supplement XIA; clustering and why it matters, examples and the difference
  • "Strategies and techniques of link building in promoting the site" (do links and how to verify the results; preparation of reference-promotion and a rough estimate of the budget; 5 strategies paid link promotion of commercial sites and more)
  • "Practical tips for Project Management or how not to become *guilty* performing and ordering services" (report based on personal experience with an adequate and not very customers/contractors)


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