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Traffic generation has become the main goal for SEO in 2016

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In 2016 the main objectives for specialists in search engine optimization in the United States was generating traffic and improving positions in SERP. About this is evidenced by the results of research Ascend2.

38% of respondents also focused on the conversion of the lead, 37% – to increase brand awareness.

Among the major obstacles to success has been named to the position in the ranking (46%), traffic generation (34%) and ROI (34%).

47% of respondents agreed that creating relevant content is one of the most effective SEO tactics. Among the effective tactics that also includes the keyword research (49%), integration with social media (39%) and working with external/internal links (36%).

The most effective tactics also were the most difficult to implement. In particular, this applies to content creation, working with links and keyword research.

In 2015 among the biggest challenges for SEO has been named the changes of search algorithms and constraints of the budget.

The most effective SEO tactics 75% of respondents last year called the creation of relevant content (15% more than in 2016). The main goal of search engine optimization was to improve positions in the ranking (66%), followed by increased traffic (58%).

In 2016, the traffic generation has bypassed the position in the ranking as the main goal for SEO.

The Ascend2 survey was conducted in October 2016. It was attended by 256 experts on Internet marketing in the United States.

The full report is available at the link.

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