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Google has redesigned the block 'People also ask'

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Google updated the block People also ask. Now a similar keywords it is loaded dynamically. Innovation running in both: the desktop and mobile versions of search. Access was provided to residents of the United States.

Google employee Satyajeet Salgar announced the update on Twitter. He also shared the GIF-animation, which demonstrates this functionality:

If you're in the US and like exploring topics, there's a nifty feature for you to try with "People also ask" on Google. šŸ™‚ pic.twitter.com/s2WtwyYvun

ā€” Satyajeet Salgar (@salgar) 10 Feb 2017

Previously that Google began to test a new block People also ask in April 2015. In July of the same year he was launched to a larger number of users.

According to Moz, in March 2016 Google became more likely to show this block in the search results.

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URL parameters of the Google search engine results page
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