OK.ru launched sales of goods through groups

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OK.ru appeared tool for the sale of goods and services across the group. To sell a product, placing an ad in the form of a post in the open community.

To create the announcement of the sale of goods or services, you must create a new topic. In the appeared window, choose the type "Ad" and fill in the requested fields. To products sold better, it is better to add pictures to the ad. The final step is the publication of the advertisement in the group, it must send to the test administration group, clicking on the "For moderation".

Anton Fedchin, project Manager OK.ru:

"The audience is OK — it's 73 million people a month who use social media for different purposes. We have a long and successful present small business and local communities that host the announcement of the sale of goods and services. We decided to organize this area, making it more transparent and cohesive".
Running the tool for the sale of goods is the first step of the social network on the territory classifides. Future OK.ru are considering integration with the service Mail.Ru Group "Yula" and are planning a number of new experiments that will help to make the direction of the individual within the social network.

Posting about the sale of goods or services will be free.

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