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OK.ru launched a new format — a secret group. In contrast to closed groups, the secret is not visible to other users, they cannot be found through internal search or see the list of groups of friends.

To get into the secret group is only one way — having received an invitation from the administrator and moderator groups. No one except the participants and invited will see the group name, avatar or other materials. When you click on a direct link, the user who is not a member in the group will show the message "This page no Mates".

To make the group secret, you must enable the "Secret group" in the "configuring the publicity."

In addition to the status of secrecy, OK now you can set up the "18+" for groups that contain content with age restrictions. In the section "setting up publicity" was a paragraph of "18 and older". Application settings will limit group access for users younger age. Users with age in the profile is smaller than the group setting, you will not be able to enter the group, find it in the search, to see its publication.

Anastasia Zhbanova, head of the press service of the project, the OK.ru:

"Odnoklassniki is a social network for audiences of various ages and interests. OK used by over 6 million people under 18 years old. We are attentive to this fact and are responsible for the distribution of content within social networks. These settings allow you to seamlessly develop groups — on the one hand, to use the social network to children with no restrictions on the other."
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