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Users of Odnoklassniki social network became available , the function of remittances to the group. The translation can be done any group to pay for the services provided by the community, to Express gratitude and to support the development of the group or to donate funds to charity.

The translation can be done using the button that appears under the avatar community.

To connect the service to the administrators of the communities need to "bind" a credit card number, which they would like to get the money from the participants, and go SMS-authorization. The history of money transfers is available in the section "Money transfers" in the settings group. The administrator can also enable notifications on incoming remittances on the attached map. In the future it is planned to introduce the possibility to shift payment of a fee for transferring money from the participants of the recipient.

The Commission while translating with MasterCard and Maestro cards will not be charged.

We will remind, not so long ago social network Odnoklassniki has launched the sale of goods and services across the group. Running the tool for the sale of goods is the first step of the social network on the territory classifides. Future OK.ru are considering integration with the service Mail.Ru Group "Yula" and are planning a number of new experiments that will help to make the direction of the individual within the social network.

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