In Ukraine there was an official representation of the social network OK

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Social network OK announced about the appearance of the official representative of the social network in Ukraine. They became Konstantin Kosonotskiy, who earlier headed the Department of targeted advertising of social media sales house in the Ukrainian house sales T-Sell.

Ukraine will become the first country in which the social network will be the international representative. The opening of the office social network is not planned yet.

Konstantin will be responsible for the business development project, work with advertising agencies, direct advertisers and partners in Ukraine, as well as to represent social network in the country.

Simon Boyarskiy, Manager business development OKru:

Ukraine — the second country by number of users and OK. We plan to develop dynamic presence in Ukraine and give more information about the social network for users, businesses and advertisers.

Previously in November of 2016 OK to have the opportunity of money transfers from Russia to Ukraine. User can transfer the to the card can Mastercard and Maestro. Function is implemented on the basis of own Processing of bank cards of Mail.Ru Group.

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