Messenger OK have installed over a million times

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Mobile app for messaging OK Messenger has reached 1 million installations on iOS and Android since launch. As reported in the official blog of the social network, at the beginning of the year the messenger entered the top 5 most downloaded iOS apps of social networks in Russia.

The app has nearly 1 million owners of smartphones on Android platform and more than 300 thousand on iOS. The most active audience of app users in Russia, Ukraine and Germany, where OK historically have most Russian-speaking audience.

Most installations OK by Russian users:

  • 26.5% on Android;
  • 47% on iOS.

In the other most often the application is installed by users from Ukraine and Azerbaijan. Germany accounts for the third place on Android and on iOS the second.

After installing the app, users send four times more messages than a primary mobile client of a social network. At the moment in two platforms in total sent more than 55 million messages per month. In addition to text messaging, users often send video, audio, and photos.

Previously, the OK released separate mobile app for private messaging in July 2016. In November 2016, OK Message became the most downloaded iOS app in four countries – Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova.

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