OK.ru test paid service GIF-pictures in messages

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Social network OK.ru is testing paid send GIF images in private messages. OK.ru launching a new service "GIF-pictures in messages", which costs 30 units of domestic currency for one day use.

According to the ad, the user can purchase the service for one day or try it for seven days with automatic renewal. A monthly subscription will cost the user 99 OKs:

The representative of the OK.ru Anastasia Zhbanova said that the company is experimenting with new services:

"This is an experiment he is running on the entire audience. In the tape OK.ru are very popular GIF image. We are testing how the format popular among users messages. Next year it will allow to understand which formats entertainment services give priority."
Recall that in late November 2016 and OK.ru appeared tool for the sale of goods and services across the group. To sell a product, placing an ad in the form of a post in the open community.
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