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Mobile Internet is 25% of the economy of Runet

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Mobile Internet is one of the main drivers of the development of the digital economy – the mobile Internet is 25% of the economy of Runet, or 0.6% of Russia's GDP. This became known today during the annual conference of Association and industry partners, devoted to summing up the expiring year and forecasting the development of Runet in the next year – Runet 2016: the End of the year. This digital economy of Russia.

At the moment 62 million Russians are active mobile Internet users. The main consumers of mobile content are young people in the age range of 12-24. Russia is also the fifth in the world market by number of application downloads.

Mobile Internet is included in all the usual sectors of the economy, for example, in the area of purchases and payments. For example, 64% of users made payments with mobile devices over the last 30 days, 79% of smartphone users have used these apps over the last week, and 66% of users have installed at least one app for payments and purchases.

Karen Kazaryan, chief analyst of RAEK:

"The last two years the audience of the Runet is growing exclusively due to the mobile component. It will take some time, and the mobile device will become the main means of content consumption: people will spend them for much longer than now, despite the fact that even now the average user will not part with gadgets a few hours per day. Mobile "economy" is not entirely fixed. Users only studying products on mobile devices, but is much less likely to buy them that way. Formats of mobile advertising on mobile sites and applications is not well established, and the cost of an ad click, there is still very low. Most of the revenues are one of the companies-developers. Much remains to be done to the mobile platform began to bring the same money as desktop".
We will remind, in November 2016, the share of mobile traffic in the Runet has reached 62%. About it reported the chief engineer of the team ranking of Google Sergey Arkhangelsk on Optimization conference in 2016. According to the company, 65% of users use smartphone for shopping, and 44% search for products, and 7% are looking for just mobile. It is expected that every year this figure will grow.
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