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In the text of the meta description - its main CTR.

Search engine optimizators fighting for the snippets, because a good snippet attracts attention and thanks to a good snippet from the 4-5 position in the SERP it is possible to collect traffic and more conversions.

The site in the organic results of Google significantly increases the click-through rate if the content of the tag meta-description relevant content and user request.

Search engines, such as Yandex, to create an alert error when there is no tag on the website. However, Google this alert does not create.

The content of the tag meta-description is often generated or written specifically to trick Google, so the search engine pays attention to them very rarely.

Advice from SEO Hero: If your site has many pages that don't always make sense to prescribe the content of meta-description manually. If a page begins to rise in search results (and very often page rise without tag), then for best results, click-throughs and traffic to have to write content for meta tag-description. Description does not affect the ranking, it is written purely to increase the CTR of the pages in the results

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